A New Deal for Chicago

“It’s time to enact a bold progressive agenda to harness the financial power of 2.7 million Chicagoans.”



“At a time when transparency and ethics policy stand tall in voters’ minds, Pawar has proved committed to both.”


“He will take his progressive ideas to the treasurer’s office.”

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Let’s create a Chicago that works for everyone.

My dad emigrated to Chicago more than 40 years ago. His career tracked a turbulent time in American manufacturing where offshoring, automation, and the squeezing of workers meant he was trapped in an endless cycle of starting a new job and layoffs.

In just 40 years, stagnant wages, shrinking benefits, union busting, and constant uncertainty have chipped away at the American Dream of prosperity and stability driven by hard work. Experiencing first-hand how income inequality impacted my family, my community, and the city inspired me to go into public service.

I’m running to be your next City Treasurer of Chicago because our fight towards equity and fairness has just begun. Now is the time to go big.

The City of Chicago holds billions in investments. Together, we as Chicagoans have the capacity to ensure our public dollars are used to boost our communities and families. There is so much we can achieve together.

We can start by launching a people’s public bank to expand neighborhood businesses, finance affordable housing, fund new infrastructure, and refinance student loans to help Chicagoans stay in the city while attracting new ones, reversing a decades long population decline.

We can reform our investment strategy by reducing fees sent to Wall Street and and create a Chicago Earned Income Tax Credit to direct those savings right to working families.

And we can advance racial and economic justice by driving dollars into communities ignored by decades of disinvestment.

But first I need your help to bring this vision to the ballot. Grab a clipboard, and let’s get to work.

"Our fight toward equity and fairness has just begun. Now is the time to go big.
— Ameya Pawar