Independent Watchdog

I pledge to carefully scrutinize investment decisions and raise red flags about clout-heavy deals that hurt the long-term financial strength of our pension funds. We should ensure that proper due diligence is done on every investment decision to prevent bad actors from polluting our economy, environment, and future.

And as the fiduciary and Chief Investment Officer, I will use my position on the board of all the city pensions funds to insist not only upon responsible fiscal practices and securing returns, but also to monitor and advise on where they come from. I would use my voice on the boards to examine the impact our investments have on our workers, communities, environment, and city. For example, I plan to assemble and release a report within my first 100 days in office on a Green New Deal for Chicago. This report will analyze our city investments and pensions, and how they can be enhanced to address the urgent concern of climate change while moving us towards the creation of a fully green economy that provides jobs for all Chicagoans and actively improves the environmental health of the city, which will in turn benefit public health and investment returns.